International business solutions

new enterprise strategic management assistance
Organization and development of branches and subsidiaries of foreign parent
companies and corporations in the U.S.

Welcome to 7 Tactics!

Successful businesses understand the need to continuously improve their business processes: to become more efficient and productive, and to respond to market changes faster while providing better service to customers.

A business strategy is your overall course of action for making a profit. Tactics are specific actions, relationships, devices, methods and procedures businesses develop and implement to drive and support a strategy.

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About us (it's about You)

7 Tactics is a “boutique” international strategic management consultancy specializing in organization and development of branches, affiliates and subsidiaries of foreign parent companies and corporations in the US.

While here at 7 Tactics we have built consulting expertise in a wide range of industries, functional areas, technologies, and regions of the world, our main strength remains our ability to cater business advice to our clients’ strategic needs.

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Central Location

Chicago, USA

Our main office is located in the Chicago metropolitan area, offering immediate access to full spectrum of business resources, such as financial services, logistics, brokerages, information technology, construction, manufacturing, and transportation. We are also in close proximity to major embassies and consulates, as well as legal counsel and professional associations. Chicagoland’s ten-million consumer market and its connection to global business channels make it an ideal springboard for achieving our clients’ goals.

Business Geography

Geographically, 7 Tactics specializes in the Chicago metropolitan area and Midwest region of the United States where we have accumulated the strongest pool of business, legal, and logistics resources.

We also provide access to the East Coast and West Coast markets for our clients interested in doing business in New York, Maryland, Florida, California, and Washington.

Sorry, 7 Tactics does not create offshore companies.

Contact Information

Telephone:+1 224 730 0352
FAX:+1 847 278 2126