Our Consulting Specialization

Our clients’ long-term strategies involve bringing their business to the United States. We help with feasibility analysis, business planning, registration formalities, branding, infrastructure, marketing, logistics and development implementation—securing a foundation for long-term success.

We approach the client’s needs with a keen insight into long-term goals that often reach beyond the scope of an individual enterprise.

True to our strategy- and tactics-centered philosphy, we maintain sustainability of advice in all practice areas: organizational development, process management, information technology, design services, training, and development. 7 Tactics’ consultants follow up with the client to ensure that the practices are sustained and client continues to benefit from consultant’s recommendations.

7 Tactics’ consulting expertise involves thorough understanding of the complex relationships existing between multiple units and divisions of international companies, including:

Parent companies—firms, corporations, or other legal entities, which have subsidiaries;

Subsidiaries—firms, corporations, or other legal entities of which a parent owns, directly or indirectly, a share and controls the entity; or owns, directly or indirectly, fifty percent of a 50-50 joint venture and has equal control and veto power over the entity;

Branches—operating divisions or offices of the same organization housed in a different location;

Affiliates—one of two subsidiaries both of which are owned and controlled by the same parent or individual, or one of two legal entities owned and controlled by the same group of individuals, each individual owning and controlling approximately the same share or proportion of each entity.

At 7 Tactics, we structure the organization and development of branches, affiliates and subsidiaries of foreign parent companies and corporations in the U.S. from the point of view of long-term strategic management based on effective and flexible business tactics.

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