Legitimacy and liquidity of your business

Keen interest in extending operations abroad among Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Kyrgyz and Kazakh businesses is understandable. Confidentiality, no repressive bureaucracy, and tax advantages are among the main reasons prompting the opening of a company or a company branch abroad. Traditionally, most of the companies that were registered abroad were located in the offshores. However, the attractiveness of the offshore has recently declined as a result of coordinated efforts by the leaders of the world economy.

Current owners of the offshore companies face non-trivial problems when they want to re-invest their capital in the global financial markets or acquire a legitimate business in a developed country. Financial institutions and regulators are considering offshore money as potentially or de facto “dirty,” constituting a threat to the reputation of financial institutions and the safety of the national economy. Suddenly, for the owner, the offshore capital has turned into an illiquid asset that is losing its value by the hour due to inflation and lost business opportunities.

In contrast to offshore jurisdictions, U.S. corporations, including those engaged in banking operations, are not blacklisted by central banks and intergovernmental bodies like the OECD and the FATF. Business investment and corresponding capital remain being a highly liquid asset and its owner enjoys the rights, opportunities, and the prestige of a Western businessperson.

7 Tactics provides comprehensive assistance in opening and conducting business in the United States, taking into account the priority of the legitimacy and the liquidity of your business.

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