Residing in the United States and becoming an American citizen

By opening an office (subsidiary, branch, division) of your company in the U.S., you become eligible to apply for a visa of L-1 category. Employees of the “parent” company can come to work in the U.S. subsidiary in the following capacities:

  1.   I. Executives: CEOs, executive directors, deputy directors, presidents, vice presidents, chief financial officers, etc.;
  2.  II. Managerial positions: managers of various departments and divisions;
  3. III. Employees with specialized knowledge.

A necessary condition for L-1 visa is the employee experience. We must show that the employee worked in the company for at least one of the previous three years. Also important are other factors that you need to discuss with your attorney in person or over the phone. Your counsel will also provide a list of required documents.

The persons to whom the L-1 visa was issued have the right to file in the future for permanent residence without additional (time-consuming) process of obtaining a permit from the Department of Labor (the so-called Labor Certification).

As a permanent resident of the United States you have a right to:

- remain in the country for an indefinite period of time;
- exit and enter the country at will;
- work in any position and in any specialty in any company or organization based in the United States;
- apply for credit and financing as a resident, including mortgage, commercial, consumer and subsidized lending for small businesses;
- file a permanent resident petition in favor of the spouse(s) or children

As a U.S. passport holder you get:

- protection from deportation;
- the right to reside outside of the United States indefinitely;
- rights and state protection while staying outside the U.S.;
- right to vote;
- right to hold public office;
- right to petition for immigration of parents, brothers and sisters

E-2 visa

In our experience, E-2 visas—the so-called investor visas—are not an adequate solution for the majority of entrepreneurs, for the following reasons. First, the E-2 visa can be granted only to the citizens of countries that have special agreements with the U.S. At present, such an agreement exists, for example, with Ukraine but not with Russia or Belarus. Second, in order to obtain and renew E-2 visas it is necessary to invest “significant” amount of money—in practice, from $200 thousand, which is “stuck” with the financed company for the duration of the visa. Third, while the E-2 visa is issued for five years, you will have to renew your status every two years from the date of entry into the United States, and, if you file a separate application for permanent residence, you will not be able to renew the status in your country of stay. Fourth, your family members will not be able to get permission to work while accompanying you in the United States.

7 Tactics provides comprehensive assistance in starting and conducting business in the United States with a view to meeting the requirements of the immigration law.

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