Comprehensive assistance in opening and operating business in the U.S.

The following is a detailed list of services provided by 7 Tactics. Services are available as a comprehensive package or à la carte.

1. Turnkey business. We will:

  1. 1.1. prepare corporate and statutory documents
  2. 1.2. register your company
  3. 1.3. acquire federal tax ID number
  4. 1.4. obtain necessary licenses
  5. 1.5. retain Registered Agent services
  6. 1.6. locate and rent an office per your requirements
  7. 1.7. notarize translated documents
  8. 1.8. get apostille certification
  9. 1.9. assist in opening a business bank account (more info)

2. Access to an immigration lawyer.

If you are not a permanent resident or citizen of the United States, you will need legal services of an attorney specializing in business visas, applications for permanent residence and immigration. Because our consulting work has long-term implications, we coordinate it with your attorney. If you do not have an immigration lawyer, 7 Tactics will help you select one.

Selecting a reliable law firm according to your individual needs, nature of your business and immigration intent is one of the most important steps on your way to doing business and living in the United States. Here at 7 Tactics we only work with reputable lawyers and law firms with decades of experience, highest proportion of winning cases, full professional accreditation, and impeccable reputation. Per client’s preference, we can recommend both English- and Russian-speaking lawyers. Once you retain the services of an immigration attorney or a law firm, 7 Tactics and the lawyer(s) start working on your case together.

3. Consulting documentation package.

Consulting documentation package is custom-created for the planning and development of your business in the United States. In addition to its business purpose, you will need this documentation to obtain a business visa, U.S. Permanent Residence, and later—if you decide you need it—U.S. citizenship.

The consulting package is prepared by our economists-consultants in communication with the immigration lawyer specifically for your company and it is based on a detailed analysis and planning of the proposed economic activity. You will need the documentation comprising the package in the process of applying for business visa(s) and, subsequently, for residency and citizenship—hence the need for its deliberate, thoughtful, and accurate drafting. 7 Tactics’ consulting services include creating a business plan and financial projections, a feasibility study, industry analysis and Expert Opinion Letters (if necessary)—each of which is done from scratch in accordance with the criteria and demands of the present immigration law.

4. Practical assistance in the organization and operation of your business.

  1. 4.1. Staffing

    1. 4.1.1. finding and hiring a bookkeeper, controller, or an accountant to conduct accounting, payroll and tax filing
    2. 4.1.2. determining staff needs based on both the economic function and future reporting needs stemming from your immigration petition or application for residence in the U.S.
    3. 4.1.3. personnel search and hiring assistance
    4. 4.1.4. assistance in determining staff salaries and benefits based on the prevailing wage rates and legal requirements

  2. 4.2. Corporate Design

    1. 4.2.1. company logo design
    2. 4.2.2. corporate embossing seal
    3. 4.2.3. corporate pressure seal
    4. 4.2.4. designing and printing of business cards
    5. 4.2.5. designing and printing of company letterhead
    6. 4.2.6. designing and printing of corporate identity products

    4.3. Website and E-mail

    1. 4.3.1. design, programming, and publishing of the corporate website
    2. 4.3.2. purchase and registration of a corporate domain (web site address)
    3. 4.3.3. selection of a U.S.-based hosting provider and contracting it for hosting the corporate website
    4. 4.3.4. creation of corporate e-mail and e-mail-addresses for key positions in the company

    4.4. Infrastructure

    1. 4.4.1. acquiring corporate phone and fax numbers
    2. 4.4.2. connecting the phone, the Internet, and utilities in the office
    3. 4.4.3. purchasing and installation of furniture and equipment in the office

  3. 4.5. Translation of business, technical, legal, and personal documents1

  4. 4.6. Services of a personal interpreter during your visit to USA2

  5. 4.7. Assistance in buying real estate, vehicle(s), and personal property in the U.S.

  6. 4.8. Advice on spouse employment

  7. 4.9. Assistance in registering children in U.S. schools and applying to colleges and universities

  8. 1 Translator services are paid per translation, at reduced rates negotiated by 7 Tactics
    2 Interpreter services are paid hourly, at reduced rates negotiated by 7 Tactics

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