Opening a new business in the United States

7 Tactics’ work on your strategic goal of opening a new business in the United States is not limited to perfunctory registration of the company with the Secretary of State. Such services by firms-“registrators” provide minimal benefits to business owners, and in some cases may even be harmful.

With 7 Tactics you get:

  1. 1. A turnkey business. Read more
  2. 2. Access to an immigration lawyer. Read more
  3. 3. Consulting documentation package custom crafted for the planning and development of your business in the United States. In addition to its business purpose, you will need this documentation to obtain a business visa, U.S. permanent residence, and later—if you decide you need it—U.S. citizenship. Read more
  4. 4. Practical assistance in the organization and operation of your business. Read more
Read more

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